Experts in the Science of Stress Management. We tackle stress before it becomes a problem

Autogenic Training, which means ‘generated within’ is a powerful stress management tool that assists your people to feel well, think well and work well. It is evidence-based and backed by over 3,000 clinical studies worldwide. As leaders of Autogenic Training in Australasia, our focus is to tackle stress before it becomes a problem by working cost-effectively in groups and in-house, so that all employees benefit. It is the perfect risk management solution.

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Your Risk-Management Solution

  • tackling stress BEFORE it becomes a problem
  • research evidence-based
  • results-driven
  • preventative
  • cost-effective
  • sustainable benefits
  • guaranteed ROI
  • all employees benefit


Recommended by NSW Police

It is the perfect Risk Management Solution for your business!

Featured in Australian Mining Magazine, Feb, 2012

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