About Stress

Stress is at the very core of psychological and physical well-being and performance. It affects everyone and does not have to be a diagnosable illness for stress to undermine your well-being or your ability to function at your best. You may not feel stressed but even normal day-to-day activities such as running late or hearing the news sets off the stress response in the brain and body. We have a Basic Rest Activity Cycle (Rossi) where for every 90 minutes or so of working we then need 20 minutes of rest. Without this rest we can only keep going up to a point but if we keep overriding the need to rest then stress becomes chronic. This Stress Creep© puts a heavy load on our organs, weakens our immune system, kills brain cells and inhibits the release of pleasure chemicals. It causes fatigue and it can lead to disease states such as cardio-vascular disease, stroke and cancer. With Autogenic Therapy and Training you learn how to self-direct your Autonomic Nervous System. You learn how to turn down the stress response of the Sympathetic Nervous System and turn on the relaxation response of the Parasympathetic Nervous System at will. With Autogenic self-practice you don’t need the 20 minutes of rest at the end of each working cycle. In 5 minutes you can completely refresh yourself so that you can begin the next 90 minute working cycle with renewed energy and focus.