Performance in general can be adversely affected by many things such as stress, anxiety, loss of confidence, lack of practice, difficulty concentrating, illness and so on. Even with a set of optimal conditions, it is rare that we are able to truly achieve our personal best.

Regardless of whether you want to perform well in your job, public speaking, studies, sporting endeavours, music or other pursuits, Autogenic Training equips you with the skills to advance your performance to the next level.

Autogenic Training helps you to control the normal stresses, anxieties and fears associated with performance/competition. Autogenics also helps keep you centred, calm and relaxed before your performance/competition so that you can conserve all of your reHuman brain left and right functionssources leading up to the event and then have the focus needed to achieve the success that you are aiming for.

You can use Autogenics to ‘train’ for your event by mentally rehearsing your performance when you are in an Autogenic state. This way you can train anywhere at any time, regardless of whether you have access to any real training facilities. A famous study has shown that competition golfers who used visualization techniques for their practice without lifting a golf club pre-competition, performed just as well as those golfers who did partake in pre-competition training, and they out-performed those who, like themselves, had no ‘real’ practice leading up to the competition.

Autogenic Training helps you focus more effectively, positively and creatively on your pre-event rehearsals, preparations, practice and performance no matter whether your performance is a competition, a sales pitch, a speech or an important report or exam.

Research into the benefits of Autogenic Training for sports men and women shows better performance and co-ordination, better endurance and faster recuperation. It is for this reason that German, Hungarian, Russian and Romanian national sports teams are taught Autogenic Training to give them the leading edge. Pilots and Military Personnel trained in Autogenic Feedback Training reduced their risk of human error and NASA Astronauts and Russian Cosmonauts are taught Autogenic Training as it improves crew co-ordination and helps them adapt to the psycho-physiological stressors of space travel.

Regardless of the nature of your performance, Autogenic Training enables you to refresh yourself and replenish your energy source, allowing you to train, study or work for longer periods without getting exhausted mentally or physically.

For individuals looking how to enhance their performance for a specific activity such as a sport, musical instrument, dance or public speaking, one-one-one training allows for training to be tailor-made towards that specific performance type. For sports teams training can be done as a group. Please contact us so that we can help you perform at your best and give you the leading edge.

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