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I became an ‘Autogenics’ convert, as did my peers who also attended this amazing workshop. I can honestly say that out of all the workshops/ seminars and conferences I attended whilst working at Fairfax, Helen’s Autogenic Training Workshop has been the most useful by far and I still practice it and receive benefit from it today. When I became a business owner Helen trained my sales team in Autogenic Training so that they can manage their stress better and not let it interfere with the demands of the job. Since training, my sales team continues to demonstrate greater persistence in achieving sales targets. I highly recommend The Autogenic Training Programme.
Joanne Vadillo
Property Advocate Services, Director of Property Women
M Comm. (UTS)

I want to thank Helen Gibbons for introducing me to The Autogenic Training Technique. When I first saw Helen, I was suffering from severe work stress and was suffering from depression, headaches and insomnia. I was also relying on alcohol to get me by. Autogenic Training literally changed my life and l have learnt how to de-stress and sleep through the night again. I am back at work now and always use this technique to help me relax from the build-up of stress related to my job.
Senior Constable Peter
The NSW Police Force

I attended Helen Gibbons’ Autogenic Training workshop through work. Given the nature of our work, stress is a big problem for us. All of my colleagues and I found her workshop to be incredibly helpful. Not only that, but she was a fantastic presenter too…really interesting, likeable and easy to understand. It was the first time anyone had been able to explain to me in simple, clear terms what was going on in my body and brain and how that was affecting the way I feel and my ability to think. Despite giving us this important background, most of the workshop was hands on where we got to practice the technique and feel its immediate benefits. I have never felt more relaxed in my whole life and the technique has also helped me not only to deal better with stress at work, but also at home. Helen, I’d like to thank you so much for introducing me to such a valuable technique. It has helped me a lot.
Claire M
Office of State Revenue

Hi Helen,
We’d like to thank you for the Autogenic Training Workshop last week. As national champions in our sport we knew we had to find a way to deal with our stress as it was affecting our ability in competitions. As you know, Sharna’s anxiety in particular was affecting her agility and concentration and she wasn’t feeling the routine if you know what I mean. Since learning how to work with our brain and body we have been able to regain our spot as number one in our sport. We will be highly recommending your workshops to our students.
Ken and Sharna
National Sports’ Champions

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Speaker and Leader of Autogenic Projects Recommendation

To whom it may concern,
I have know Helen Gibbons since September 2014 when we both gave presentations at the founding meeting of the International Society of Autogenic Therapy and Psychotherapy in Madrid. Mrs Gibbons was among the most charismatic and convincing speakers of the conference. years of experience with Autogenic Training in the world of occupational health and disease prevention for high risk groups such as the police and the mining industry were presented youthfully and lively, with deeply reflective insights, captivating the audience. Mrs Gibbons’ lectures in Madrid, and the following year in Budapest, were clearly structured and factual, leaving the auditorium longing to hear more. The professional background in psychology together with a compassionate view and understanding of the consequences of stress of and in the workplace, allow Helen Gibbons to speak with authority on this subject that appears close to her heart,
Yours Faithfully
Dr Edith Rom
Opthalamic Medical Practitioner
Autogenic Therapist
Western Medical Acupuncturist
Cloucester Medical Eye Centre, UK


From the Office of Dr. K. Novak, PhD, MBA
January, 2016
I am writing this letter in support of Helen Gibbons and the Australian Autogenic Project. Ms, Gibbons is not only an internationally recognized expert in Autogenics, but also an outstanding leader who will not only make this project successful but make it thrive. As a Gerontologist I can confidently say that Autogenics is a technique that works well with the geriatric population. It is a therapy that is both gentle and effective for this growing population….This project has the oppotunity to become an international best practice standard for the treatment and care of the elderly. I believe that Ms. Gibbons, will make a significant difference in the way we provide health serices for the elderly population internationally.
Kori D. Novak, Ph.D., MBA
The Mellivora Group
Researcher, Oxford University


Dr. Gibbons is a highly skilled therapist in Autogenics and is making great contributions to the management of stress in working environments. She is a very active member of ISATAP where I had the opportunity of exchanging clinical and research experiences. I´d like to recommend her Course & Diploma in Autogenic Therapy. As an accomplished AT therapist and organizer in this course every aspect from basic science to managerial issues will be covered with the final goal of bringing resilience to every participant.

Dr Eduardo Gomez-Utrero
Madrid HospitalSpain


Hi Helen,
I would like to thank you for your participation in IIR’s inaugural Miners Health & Wellbeing conference. The event was a great success and your presentation aided in making the conference interesting and informative to the delegation. As well as the praise that delegates shared with me on the day, I would also like to share with you the following comments that were offered by the delegates on our event feedback forms.
“Very interesting topic, clear, concise speaker.”
“New Item – Very interested in trying and monitoring success.”
“Enthusiastic presenter, topic provoked thought.”
I would like to personally thank you for not only your presentation but being involved in discussions throughout the day. I look forward to working with you again at future events.
Best Regards
Luke Hartcher
Conference Manager | IIR Conferences

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