Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Autogenic Training is an extremely effective treatment of various medical conditions by targeting the primary source of the condition or by addressing secondary symptoms of the ailment.

In Chronic Pain for example, research has shown that in some people, the Hippocampus, which stores the ‘memory’ of the pain, communicates with the nerve-centres and activates the pain response, adding to their pain levels, when the chronic pain sufferer is suffering from high stress levels or having difficulty adapting to the pain. In this case, Autogenic Training has been shown time and time again to reduce pain symptoms in Chronic Pain sufferers and to assist in their adjustment to their condition.

Research into Autogenic Training also shows that it assists with the treatment of headaches and migraine, asthma, emphysema, cardio-vascular disease, high and low blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, impotency, vaginismus, epilepsy, autonomic neuropathy, hypertension, nausea associated with chemotherapy and other medical conditions (see ‘Clinical Evidence’). It is known to be a powerful therapy preventing the onset of stress related disease states.

It is quite common, when undergoing Autogenic Training, that patients experience an improvement or recovery in their medical condition and are consequently able to reduce or completely cease their intake of pharmaceutical medications. It is important to note however, despite the benefits experienced with Autogenic Training, patients should continue to consult with their medical specialist before making any changes to their medical treatment plan.

It is also important, if undertaking Autogenic Training for your Medical Condition that you are trained by a Medical or Allied Health Professional (such as a Psychologist) who is also a qualified Autogenic Therapist.

To organize a one-on-one consultation, contact Helen Gibbons, Psychologist and Autogenic Therapist at Medicare and Private Health Rebates may apply.